Friday, April 22, 2011

Hidden Cabin to Lost Cabin

In late1885, the Hill family built a cabin sheltered by large boulders for Alice M. Hill, and she moved into it to homestead 160 acres in Crystal Park.  About a week afterward, the cabin burned completely.  In March of 1886, Alice moved into a rebuilt cabin on the same site.  Below is a photo of that cabin, taken in 1886.

The cabin was abandoned later that year when the Hill family left Crystal Park, after selling their holdings to John Hay.  Alice's cabin and surrounding 160 acres were sold to Hay for $600.
As the cabin deteriorated over the years, it went from being known as the "Hidden Cabin" to the "Lost Cabin.

Photo taken in June, 1914, of the party of the famous evangelist Billy Sunday (5th from left) at the Hidden Cabin.

Hidden Cabin in the 1930's

Well on its way to becoming the Lost Cabin in 1990
The Crystal Park Historical Committee has installed a brass marker at the site, which is near the end of Lost Cabin Road, as eventually what remains of the cabin will disappear.  Below is a recent photo of the site, which appears much as it did in the 1990 photo.