Monday, June 20, 2016

Burro Trip in 1895

This is a photo taken from a "Magic Lantern" slide of a group of tourists on burros (and a few mules) who had traveled to Crystal Park, presumably from Manitou, on August 14, 1895.  The photo was taken near the present-day lake, looking towards the slope of Sunrise Peak.  John Hay's cabin is in the background.  Some of the large rocks are recognizable today, although the lens causes some distortion of perspective. 
There were a number of livery stables that ran such trips from Manitou to Crystal Park, as well as to the top of Pikes Peak and other destinations.  These continued to operate even after the Crystal Park Auto Road Packard touring car trips began in 1910, maybe as a factor of price...the Auto Road trips were $2.50 and the burro trips $1.00, quite a difference at that time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crystal Park Auto Trip Ticket Office Location

This is an update to a post from February, 2015.  After diligent research the location of the ticket office for the Crystal Park Auto Trip has been determined to be the West corner of the Manitou Ave./Otoe Place intersection.  As seen in the photos below, the building on the East side of Otoe Place is still there and is clearly the same building as in the ca.1910 photo.  Note the slope, decorative brickwork, window and the brick extension at the roof. There is no remnant of the Crystal Park ticket office to be seen, as it appears the topography of that side of Otoe place has been graded down several feet.  This was a mystery that had plagued those interested in Crystal Park history for years.


Crystal Park Burro Trip

This is a follow up to a post from March, 2012 about burro trips to Crystal Park.  This photo postcard, postmarked August 21, 1915, was recently found online, showing five people on burros with a price board listing the cost of various burro trips.  The trip to Crystal Park cost $1.00.

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